United States and Russia: A Relationship to Manage

For those of us with longstanding interest in U.S.-Russia relations, the current state of affairs is as distressing as it is alarming. By all accounts, this critical relationship has reached a point of rupture. What led to it can be endlessly debated by policy officials, experts, the media, and the public in both countries and beyond. And, indeed, it is, with varying perspectives on the root causes of the present situation and what should be done about it.

As a foundation with an historical commitment to improving the U.S. ability to understand Russia and interpret its policies, and to fostering dialogue with Russia experts in the think tank and the academic communities, Carnegie Corporation of New York asked a group of specialists to address some critical questions regarding Russia.

The intensity of debate over whether the United States should arm Ukraine is the framework for much of the commentaries that follow. The experts offer perspectives on the possible consequences of this action and its potential for escalating or deescalating the crisis. Additional commentaries offer perspectives on broader questions concerning Russia and U.S. policy toward it.

In the spirit of Carnegie Corporation’s mission to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding, this site aims to shed light on issues that are likely to significantly impact the state of international relations for the foreseeable future.

Deana Arsenian
Vice President, International Program and Program Director, Russia and Eurasia
Carnegie Corporation of New York
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